09/04/2010 AMBUSH & INJURY TIME cds out now!

That's right we got 3 brand new releases out, the wait is finally over!

RUCK039 AMBUSH "Forward Into Hell" cd
New UK brutality with members and ex-members of Special Move, Taking Names, Six Ft Ditch, Awoken, 50 Caliber, BDF, Maldito, Beg For Mercy & Eviscerate AD
11 tracks
RUCK040 INJURY TIME "The Vex" cd
Debut full-length following their demos & split with Wisdom In Chains (RUCK025), best hardcore punk band to come outta London in years! Featuring members of 17 Stitches, Maldito, Kartel & Ninebar
12 tracks + a Maldito cover + their 2005 demo as bonus tracks
RUCK041 PROWLER "Strictly 3.5" cd
The long-awaited full-length cd from LBU New Blood Prowler, follow-up to their split demo with TRC & their track on the Time For Some Rucktion comp (RUCK014).
13 tracks of savage North London hardcore made for the pit
UKHC is alive and well... check those out str8!

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