After a year's hiatus due to Pierre & Knucklez's gorgeous, lil baby daughter being born just round our usual date for Damage Control Fest, we're proud to say that it's back with a bang this year... with none other than WISDOM IN CHAINS from PA as headliners, who need no introduction. An exclusive UK & European show just for you, u lucky sods!

It will be held on Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2011 @ Jamm, 261 Brixton Road, London SW9 6LH.

Also on da bill are none other than all the other Rucktion bands available for shows right now, sorry we couldn't fit any more of dem!

KNUCKLEDUST, who haven't played London for time, the mighty NINEBAR, the SURGE OF FURY crew outta Belgium, London super-heavyweights PROWLER, the band with London's best & most prolific lyricist INJURY TIME, DEATHSKULLS promoting Rucktion's latest release, SPECIAL MOVE playing some brand new songs from their forthcoming release, Bristol's cream of da crop TRUE VALIANCE,  and "banned from Cardiff" CHAINS OF HATE, showcasing their fresh new lineup and songs from their upcoming split with SOF!

Pre-sales available for £10 only from popi@rucktion.com

Come support real UKHC & BFLBU! No thrills, no fuckin about, just pure street reality, str8!

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