11/02/2011 PROVIDENCE "Time For Grievance tour 2011" and new split 7" with King Of Clubz!

PROVIDENCE/KING OF CLUZ split 7" out now on On The Attack Records from New York and available from Rucktion very soon! Limited to 500 copies, new songs from both bands.

PROVIDENCE "Time For Grievance tour" starts next week! They'll be on the road to promote their new seven from 16th to 27th Februay 2011, going through France, Belgium, Germany and Poland. Check the shows section for dates and flyers.

The Parisian touring machine will next be hitting Brazil, for a few dates with Norte Cartel (members of Confronto) in April 2011. More details soon.

We're obviously trying to get them to come over to the UK again for a few dates. Watch this space...

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