Surge Of Fury/Chains Of Hate split cd Description


Rucktion Records is proud to present an intercontinental split CD, featuring 8 brand new tracks of pulverising heavy hardcore as Belgium's long-running warriors SURGE OF FURY team up with Wales' hardest CHAINS OF HATE. As these bands further establish themselves with Rucktion, this being their second release on the label for both of them, their styles have continued in the same furious vein as on their Rucktion debuts.
With three full-length recordings already under their belts, Liege's SURGE OF FURY remain consistently unique, their trademark choppy rythms and distinctive stop-and-start approach very much in evidence here, along with furious bursts of more straight-up speed which suddenly make way for massive beatdown parts. The pessimistic yet uplifting "Rainy Dayz" in particular is classic SURGE OF FURY, with the bouncing rhythm of the music and Tito's distinctive rapid-fire vocal patterns combining to perfectly represent what the band call "boogiedown hardcore".
This being CHAINS OF HATE's second ever recording, they have stepped up the game even more since their impressive "Cold Harsh Reality" debut EP and ably match up with SURGE OF FURY, seamlessly flowing monstrous fast passages into classic groove-laden breakdowns which, when topped with singer Tommy's aggressive growl and stark themes of revenge, pain and hate, are sure to make the listener's blood boil. This is especially evident on the epic "Gutterbound" with its old-school crushing yet catchy speed building up to an immense shout-along ending.
In addition to three all-new recordings, each act pays tribute to a 90's classic that has obviously influenced them, SURGE OF FURY taking on NYC's DISTRICT 9 whilst CHAINS OF HATE cover Detroit's COLD AS LIFE.
So two very different approaches to the same genre of hardcore from each band: their constrasting styles complement each other, which when combined with the powerful yet subtly designed inlay booklet and common message of defiance and strength despite adversity, adds up to an impressive overall package.
All new recordings by both CHAINS OF HATE and SURGE OF FURY, UK meets Belgium split CD, 8 tracks of ferociously heavy hardcore for fans of STRENGTH FOR A REASON, MADBALL, KNUCKLEDUST, FURY OF FIVE.
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