Formed in Liege, Belgium, back in 1997, SURGE OF FURY first came together with no other aims apart from to enjoy playing together. Over a decade later, through line-up changes and various releases, the band have never strayed from the path they have chosen, and never will. Not motivated by fame, money or anything other than the passion they feel, not swayed by criticism or seeking anyone’s approval, SURGE OF FURY have only ever followed their own hearts. Although the band's roots and influences in heavy, aggressive hardcore are obvious, their approach to song writing is anything but - SURGE OF FURY’s arrangements are far from typical, and always capable of keeping listeners on their toes with the way an ultra heavy, double-bass driven dance part can clobber you out of nowhere, or the fresh and imaginative twist they add to the standard hardcore song structure. Nevertheless, there is plenty in their music to prove that the band also excel at creating straight up raging ultra fast hardcore, with harsh bellowed vocals and furious group backups. With their combination of fast, manic energy and off kilter staccato heaviness, it's clear that SURGE OF FURY have sought to innovate rather than clone anything that has come before them. Honed into a tight and experienced unit by years of playing together across Europe, the band remain bonded together by the music they love, and have seen many come and go while they have continued to hold true.
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