It’s not often bands can really back up everything they shout about, but that is certainly the case for
Cardiff, UK’s CHAINS OF HATE. Formed in 2007, this Welsh 5 piece are bringing the hard back into
hardcore music and no one is going to stop them now.
The members of CHAINS OF HATE are no strangers to the UKHC scene, having played in bands
such as TWIST THE KNIFE, and also legendary 90’s hardcore mob PUBLIC DISTURBANCE. If you’re
familiar with the aforementioned bands, then you know what lies in store...This is hard music for
hard times, which musically gives subtle nods to such giants as MADBALL, STRENGTH FOR A
REASON and KNUCKLEDUST but with a sound that can only be described as their own. CHAINS
OF HATE are one of the brightest hopes, not just for the UK but for hardcore worldwide.
Frontman Tommy will have the listener nodding in approval at the intelligent, well thought-out
lyrics, that deal with topics ranging from embracing self-confidence to seeking revenge on those
needing to be put in their place.
Having blown away audiences around the UK and across mainland Europe, the CHAINS OF HATE
story has only just started. Catch the band live, as it’s where you will see them in full force displaying
what they do best.
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