Formed in late 2006, Bristol’s TRUE VALIANCE have come a long way from their origins as a group of friends playing covers and trying to kickstart a hardcore scene in their city. Having now built a strong local following and taken their energetic and passionate live set around the UK and beyond, this band is hungry to get back out there as much as possible. TRUE VALIANCE’s style could be best described as mosh meets melody and message, taking Catch them live in their home town if possible - the band puts everything into their performance, and the crazed reaction of the crowd is not to be missed - but wherever they go TRUE VALIANCE bring the same devotion and dedication to the music they love, and are determined to continue down this path for as long as possible.influences from 90’s metallic hardcore but adding in a more modern ferocity and some lighter, more uplifting moments of melodic sincerity. Tight musicianship welds these apparently incompatible elements together, and with a singer also capable of bridging the gap between these styles it is easy to see how TRUE VALIANCE can share bills with a diverse array of bands yet provoke the same reaction. Lyrics range from heartfelt, positive and forward-looking to furious and vengeful hatred for authority and other oppressors.
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