"Expect Resistance" cd Description

Rucktion Records proudly presents the long-awaited full-length album by Bristol, UK's TRUE VALIANCE. "Expect Resistance" is an ambitious, multi-textured follow-up to their 2008 EP "Hooked On Revenge" and sees the band massively expand upon the promise that their earlier songs hinted at, with plenty of versatility and diverse influences over its 11 brand new tracks of blistering yet heartfelt hardcore.

The album's opening track, the instrumental "True Valiance", neatly captures the essence of the tracks that follow it in just over a minute, as muscular riffing and frantic yet controlled drumming give way to a more melodic mid-paced ending, before the thrashing all-out assault of "Bloodlust" and "Blindfold" go straight for the listener's throat. "Expect Resistance" is without question an album of strong contrasts, as this chaotic attack is followed by the slower, more simmering rage of "Burn". And so it progresses throughout - for every burst of speed and mayehm, an interlude of melody or calm is there to redress the balance. For every stripped-down moment of basic pummeling heaviness there follows an intricate passage of guitar work, either melodic or overly metallic. Strong influences of 90's metallic hardcore sit comfortably alongside timeless crossover beats, add in the odd guitar solo and this perhaps surprisingly produces a result that is as catchy and memorable as it is brutal.

These rich contrasts reach beyond just the music, as singer Andy's raging growl makes way for several quieter moments of spoken passages, and on the epic "Shadows" even a sung chorus, his bleak and forceful imagery speaking out against cruelty, neglect and urging action instead of passivity and complacency. On top of all this, "Expect Resistance" features an appearance by Greg Bennick of the legendary TRIAL on a spoken interlude entitled "The Illusion Of..."

TRUE VALIANCE's forceful combination of mosh, melody and message on "Expect Resistance" adds up to a confident and complex, yet highly listenable and memorable slab of brutal and sincere metallic hardcore.

90's influenced metallic hardcore from this hard-working Bristol UK unit, brutal mosh meets melody with a sincere message.

For fans of Earth Crisis, All Out War, Out To Win/Mushmouth etc.

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