"Hooked On Revenge" mcd Description

At the forefront of Bristol’s growing scene, TRUE VALIANCE’s debut release clobbers you round the head with six tracks of classic and sincere metallic UKHC, unmistakably English in attitude and delivery. ‘Hooked on Revenge’ brings to mind the sound that previous bands from the South West of the UK made their own, mixing dark, pounding tunes with an inspirational attitude.

Themes of vengence and hope run both musically and lyrically through this EP, from the positive message and energy of ‘Values’ to the furious stomp and hatred of authority conveyed by the title track. These emotions are equally evident in singer Andy, as his voice moves between a guttural scream and a clearer, more traditional shouted style.

Crammed full of tight musicianship, furious danceable brutality and old-school speed, ‘Hooked on Revenge’ is an impressive and confident debut from a young band already accomplished enough to carry the torch and secure the future of UKHC for another generation.

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