"In My Tox City" cd Description

Straight outta Tox City, aka Liege, Belgium, comes the third full-length CD by SURGE OF FURY. Containing 15 tracks of monstrous street-level hardcore, “IN MY TOX CITY” is a mix of straight-ahead raging speed and vicious stop-and-start brutality that definitely gives the band a unique identity. Tracks like the opener “Dedication” and the ultra-fast “Forever” prove that SURGE OF FURY are much more than competent at injecting the hardcore basics into their sound, and the band even throw in touches like the football terrace style change on “LGHC” and some Oi! Oi! backups, adding a raucous, punky edge and proving they are willing to experiment outside of what is expected from their style. But what really sets SURGE OF FURY apart from the pack is the pounding, choppy groove that pulsates throughout the course of the album, always appearing when you least expect it and each time building up to a ferociously heavy conclusion. Filled with original song writing, manic speed and huge beats sure to get any crowd moving, topped-off with harsh roared vocals and huge group backups, SURGE OF FURY blend innovation and tradition to devastating effect. “IN MY TOX CITY” truly captures the sound of a band filled with energy and passion for what they do.
For fans of: Bulldoze, Fury of Five, Billy Club Sandwich.
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