"Cold Harsh Reality" mcd Description

Chains of Hate were formed from the ashes of Twist The Knife (Cardiff Hardcore, Wales). More inspired than before, Speed and Jammo stayed as they were (guitar and bass), Tommy stepped up to vocal duties and good friend Jordan (Elsid) completed the lineup as the new drummer.

As summer '09 approached, Chains Of Hate joined the notorious Rucktion Records family. Their debut album is due as is a stint around Europe with their brothers in True Valiance. No one can stop'em now. Let the games begin....

Storming straight out of South Wales UK come CHAINS OF HATE with their blistering first MCD
‘Cold Harsh Reality’, seven tracks of tough street-level hardcore fury.
The band’s sound is clearly influenced by the US East Coast way of doing things, incorporating
monstrous grooving parts and choppy rhythms to compliment their more straight-up hardcore
elements, such as bass breaks leading into traditional aggressive speed. However, CHAINS OF
HATE prove themselves head and shoulders above any clones, plenty of personality shines through
in their music and obviously heartfelt lyrics, delivered with gruff yet clear conviction, and supported
by huge backups. Covering topics such as dealing with the struggles of life, learning lessons the
hard way and gaining from them, not giving in, and fighting for what’s yours creates an explosive
combination of true life content and stripped down musical power.
‘Cold Harsh Reality’ is a perfect title for CHAINS OF HATE’s debut - unflinching straight to the
point hardcore, heavy yet not excessively metallic, an accomplished and confident debut from a
determined young band.

Track Listing

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