"Crippler LBU" mcd Description

LBU new blood bringing a fresh new flavour to London hardcore!

Debut MCD out 15th May 2013 on Rucktion Records, heavy LBU hardcore with nuff different influences and breakdowns!

London's CRIPPLER LBU go straight for your throat on their debut MCD for Rucktion, featuring 7 devastating songs which cross frantic hardcore speed and energy with ultra-heavy metallic riffing to evoke the renowned London beatdown style, popularised over the last decade by the likes of PROWLER, BUN DEM OUT and 50 CALIBER.

Despite the above comparisons, CRIPPLER LBU  prove themselves more than capable of staning side by side with any of the aforementioned acts, and with band members that have been around for some time prior to this release, in acts such as FLAWLESS VICTORY, TRC and TIRADE, their pedigree is obvious.

CRIPPLER LBU's self-titled debut features song-writing that is as well-crafted and memorable as it is punishing and mosh inducing, as the arrogant strut and brutal yet catchy groove of the intro leads onto the frantic speed and energy of "Paranoia", while the dual vocals leave the listener in no doubt that a CRIPPLER LBU mean business, as Vince's snarl meets Tich's intense scream, adding to the sense of evil and menace present in the riffing.

The pressure increases as the initial choppy grooves and speed of "Generation's Joke" make way for slowed down chugging brutality, leading to an MCD that is simultaneoulsy raw and listenable, and proving that CRIPPLER LBU have not traded in power for catchy riffs, and don't over-rely on any one element of their sound. Memorable song construction and varied tempos go hand in hand with numerous harsh breakdowns sure to induce a frenzied reaction in a live setting, already evident at CRIPPLER LBU's local shows and becoming more widespread as the band begin to travel outside of the capital.

CRIPPLER LBU is the sound of the next generation of London hardcore sticking to their roots, with well-established and experienced members playing the classic sound that the capital has become notorious for producing, while adding in plenty of their own personality and fierce attitude to the mix.

Frantic hardcore meets crushing metallic fury, classic London beatdown style, for fans of 50 Caliber, Prowler, Bun Dem Out.


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