"CRIPPLER, comin' at ya fuckin' hard kiid!" CRIPPLER LBU were formed in late 2010 from ex and current members of various Rucktion/LBU bands: TIRADE, TRC, FLAWLESS VICTORY, BUCKETS OF COURAGE and Irish Oi/streetpunk band THE FREEBOOTERS. The 5 members, Ammo (drums), Mark (guitar), Mickey (bass), Vince and Tich (vocals) came together and decided that although the last thing the world needs is another beatdown band, this was exactly what they were going to do FTW.   Taking influence from the likes of PUNISHMENT, NINEBAR and SHATTERED REALM, in typical LBU form, the diverse sounds of the London streets rub off, with punk, grime, hip hop and drum & bass all having a subtle influence. Lyrics reflect the city they live in, from tales of prison, graffing, drugs, never getting mugged off, through to depression, and impending mental breakdowns through trying to make ends meet.   CRIPPLER LBU's self-titled MCD it out now on Rucktion Records: it is above all a product of the city they live in and the crew they run with. If you don't like it, there's a good chance they'll "take your cuntin' knees off!"


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