"The Real Deal II" cd Description

Rucktion Records are extremely proud to welcome UK's DEATHSKULLS to the label with their second full-length recording "THE REAL DEAL II", 15 tracks of ultra-fast vicious hardcore punk mayhem, with a style and attitude all of its own.

At the core of the DEATHSKULLS sound is an all-out thrash assault reminiscent of many a classic 80's hardcore act. Drummer Niky's furious skin pounding is perfectly matched by lightening-speed guitar riffs that stop and start in an instant, bludgeoning the listener round the head with several tunes barely reaching a minute long. However, plenty of other tracks prove that the band can expand on their formula, and are equally adept at slowing things down and playing some classic shout-along UK punk/oi!, as well as adding heavier elements of a more modern hardcore groove, and even some doom-laden riffing to their songs.

Other members of the band take turns on the mic, but the bulk of DEATHSKULLS' vocals are handled by guitarist Mad John, his vicious rapid-fire snarl delivering some of the most simultaneously hilarious, sarcastic and straight-up takes on numerous aspects of life, with titles such as "U Bore The Shit Outta Me", "Grow A Pair Of Nuts" and "The Building Game Is Pony" wasting absolutely no time in getting to the point.

The combination of manic speed, aggressive heaviness, tuneful guitar leads and distinctive, blunt opinions is what undoubtedly sets DEATHSKULLS apart from the punk rock pack, their personality and furious energy shining through both on record and on stage.

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