Deathskulls formed early 2003 in Southend, Essex and set out to play their style of Old Skool Hardcore mixed in with a bit of Oi! for good measure; taking such bands as Negative Approach and Bonecrusher as influences. Since 2003 Deathskulls have played up and down the UK anywhere from pubs, clubs, squats to backyards. In 2006 they did a 5 date mini tour of Sweden. In their time they have played with Hardcore greats Murphy’s Law and MDC. Deathskulls have had several releases including 3 split 7’’s, split CD, CD EP, and a CD album. Deathskulls have a brand new album out in Februry 2011 on Rucktion Records! Check the store for Deathskulls' previous releases, nuff cds and 7"s now available again!


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