"The Vex" cd Description

After releasing various demos, splits and a 7 inch, London’s INJURY TIME have recorded their debut full-length CD, 13 tracks of furious hardcore punk rock with wide-ranging influences and yet the same negative and embittered theme running throughout.
‘The Vex’ fully displays INJURY TIME’s versatility, taking the listener from dark and nihilistic to anthemic, from epic to immediate and urgent. Elements of metal, hardcore and punk collide yet are all underpinned by a tight and solid musical basis, while DBS’s ultra-gruff yet emotive vocals are as throaty and raw as they are passion-filled. Contrast the thrash-influenced ‘Holy shit’, the melodic chorus of ‘Skunknuts’ and the epic and solo-filled title track and you have a sense of this band’s diversity, as they effortlessly blend together mid-paced catchy guitar leads, shout-along choruses and blazing 2-minute long bursts of agressive speed.
Filled with plenty of cynical opinions, on religion, love, the scene and life in general, yet still finding time to tackle other topics such as lost friends and drinking anthems, ‘The Vex’ is a well rounded, catchy, and utterly raging slice of punk rock energy meets hardcore heaviness that will undoubtedly
herald INJURY TIME’s exposure to a whole new audience, and their long overdue ascent to a new level as a band!

Members & ex-members of Kartel, 17 Stiches, Maldito, Ninebar & Hellbent Diehard.

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