Injury Time was a nameless project for a couple of years. Matty Nine Bar and DBS from Kartel were looking to play some good old fashioned hardcore the way they like it: fast parts, breakdowns, solos and mean vocals. With a line-up recruited from London punks 17 Stitches following their demise, the stage was set for some classic hardcore punk to take shape, mixing in heavier elements, DBS's unmistakable gruff voice and some catchy as hell guitar leads. The band switches effortlessly between catchy and driving sing-alongs, and darker, heavier bursts of speed and heaviness, demonstrating their depth and variety. Injury Time are no one-trick-ponies looking to ape one style in particular - they aspire to create their own. Their rough, negative and hateful style, full of tales of urban conflict, nihilism and denied redemption has won them fans far and wide, and their impassioned and energetic stage presence never fails to convince that they are the real deal. "The Vex", new full-length cd " out now on Rucktion!
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