"Destroy And Rebuild" cd Description

The long overdue debut full-length from North West London’s TRC, ‘Destroy and Rebuild’ delivers 10 furious and to-the-point tracks that come out swinging and don’t let up. Back with a revamped line-up, the band have in no way compromised their legendary arrogant attitude and delivery, and they most definitely have the skills to musically back this up.

TRC’s sound is brutal, stripped down to basics heavy hardcore. Not a note is wasted, yet there is still room for occasional moments of intricate musicianship amongst the frantic bursts of speed and monstrous breakdowns, whilst the four-way vocal attack ensures variety and depth. The band also present a different approach to blending rap and hardcore, as their addition of this to the mix never compromises the intensity of the music or detracts from its primal power. The fact that it is adapted to the relentless pounding tempo of the music keeps things from descending into typical rapcore cliché.

As ‘Destroy and Rebuild’ ushers in a new era for TRC, the band have at last delivered the album that the insanity of their live performance has always threatened us with, a defiant smack to the face that really does define cocky and dares you to challenge this.
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