PROWLER "The Curse" CD Description

OUT 25/09/2017!!!

Active since way back in 2003, London's PROWLER quickly became an unmissable act in their local scene. Their chaos-inducing live performances fitted in perfectly with the vibe of mid-00's London Hardcore, and earned them cult status, despite having only a handful of recordings released. It took the band until 2012 to release "Strictly 3.5", a collection of songs written over the course of 7 years which showed the band's progression from straight up basic beatdown brutality to something even heavier and more ambitious, yet the 13 tunes fitted together perfectly as an album. Now in 2017, RUCKTION RECORDS proudly presents the long-awaited follow-up to "Strictly 3.5". "The Curse" features 12 brand new recordings which take the PROWLER formula to a whole new level.

This time around, the tunes are darker, longer, and filled with more metallic riffing and groove, yet long-time followers of the band will instantly recognise that "The Curse" contains the same unmistakable composition and structure, and will spot the raw and energetic beatdown hardcore that still lies at the foundation of the PROWLER sound. The progression over the years is plain to see, and on their second full-length recording the band have included a new dimension with the addition of several solos throughout the course of "The Curse", such as on the thrashing "Mind". As ever, singer Nathan's hoarse and caustic vocals tackle a wide variety of lyrical themes, presenting the self-explanatory messages of "Can't Forgive, Can't Forget" or "Too  Young To Die" in a refreshing and cliche-free way. At the other end of the spectrum, the raging "From Early" name-checks "6 for 5 in the offie", "Reebook Workouts" and other subject matter which will bring a smile to the face of many a London or UK listener.

With "The Curse" PROWLER prove that they have worked hard and evolved in the years since their last release, delivering an utterly immense and pounding display of metallic beatdown hardcore that could only have been spawned in London. Filled with monstrous sinister riffing, refreshing and memorable songwriting and utter brutality, "The Curse" writes a new chapter in the PROWLER story, and is guaranteed to create utter mayhem when unleashed live.

Ultra heavy London metallic beatdown hardcore, the band's second full-length release combines musical progression with extreme brutality. For fans of 50 Caliber, Bun Dem Out, Cold Hard Truth, Nine Bar, Stout.

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