"The Few The Deep" cd Description

Reissue of BUN DEM OUT's debut full-length cd "The Few The Deep", recorded back in 2008, which was the follow-up to their sold out demo and self-titled MCD on Rucktion!!!

All new artwork, cover hand painted by Eman Martins, full lyrics included.

Pierre KNUCKLEDUST on vocals, this recording also featured members of MALDITO, 50 CALIBER, TRC and LOST SIGHT. Guest vocals by T Bizzle (NineBar) & Terry Simmonds (50 Caliber).

Brutal hardcore meets crushing metallic fury, classic London beatdown style for fans of Knuckledust, 50 Caliber, Prowler etc. English & Spanish lyrics, most original vocal flows around str8, make sure to pick this up!

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