"7:15" mcd Description

Rucktion has reached a half century of releases!

We're proud to present the debut EP by London's TEMPERS FRAY, brilliant follow-up to their demo, out 18th February 2014!

"7:15" features 6 brand new tracks of crushing, heavy metallic hardcore that sees the band build on the sound they established with their well-received, recent demo.

Mixing ultra-heavy breakdowns with metallic passages and the odd moment of speed plus plenty of choppy and groovy riffs gives TEMPERS FRAY a multi-dimensional appeal. The combination of these elements leaves the listener with a strong and lasting impression, as the band have mastered the combination of extreme heaviness with memorable and catchy song-writing.

"7:15" is mostly mid-tempo, maximising the band's thick, heavy and low sound, but often slows down to a punishing crawl sure to incite chaos on any dancefloor. Nevertheless, moments placed throughout the course of the EP complement and expand upon TEMPERS FRAY's sound, adding in a whole other level with the atmospheric intro to "Blessed", or the intricate guitar work in "Blame" or "False". The raging music is overlayed with caustic vocals that sound distinctly English, as singer Bob rages against greed, jealousy and deceit in lyrics that unquestionably sound honest, defiant and personally heartfelt.

With "7:15", TEMPERS FRAY have taken influences obvious for the area they come from and worn them on their sleeves, while simultaneously breathing new life into them and creating a memorable and accomplished debut release. Filled equally with bludgeoning heaviness and moments of subtlety and originality that are sure to leave their songs stuck in the listener's head.

Ultra-heavy metallic hardcore from London, for fans of Lifeless, True Valiance, Providence etc.

Track Listing

Track # Name (Click for Lyrics)
1 Blessed
2 Purpose
3 Control
4 Blame
5 False
6 Green
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