"Zero Stone" cd Description

Rucktion Records is proud to present to you its newest release, which sees the label extend its reach to the USA once again with the acquisition of "Zero Stone" by Orange County, California's long-running powerhouse HAMMERFIST!

Active since 2004 and therefore about to celebrate a decade in the game, HAMMERFIST delivers 12 songs of no-frills, gimmick-free hardcore, packing as much raw power and unrelenting heaviness as possible into each minute of "Zero Stone", just what you would expect from a band with such a long history of playing together.

The band's style is clearly, strongly influenced by NYHC and the heavier end of the hardcore spectrum, mixing the speed of the furious opener "Skin Change" with the menacing groove of the introspective "Illusio" to devastating effect.

With rare and well-placed technical moments such as the occasional guitar solo, the listener gets a change to breathe, but is otherwise bludgeoned into submission by frantic speed and numerous moments of chugging heaviness, overlaid with gruffy bellowed vocals.

"Zero Stone"'s lyrical matter matches up perfectly with HAMMERFIST's bleak, direct and no-nonsense approach, taking us on a dark journey through questioning faith, fighting addiction, critical self-examination, depression, loneliness and hatred.

HAMMERFIST's "Zero Stone" is a breathtaking and intense burst of energy and rage, substantial yet over before you know it and therefore inviting repeated listens, as buried within its brutal pounding tracks lies the ability to write tunes that really stick in your head. This reality-based band is already well-versed in playing out, recording, and touring the USA and beyond, and is always looking to make a permanent mark on the hardcore scene and build on their considerable legacy and hard work.

Straight-up brutal and heavy hardcore from these veterans, East Coast style but these guys are from Orange County, California! For fans of WORLD OF PAIN, MERAUDER, KNUCKLEDUST, DONNYBROOK etc.

Features Tom Tactic (ex-SKARE TACTIC) on bass and guest vocals by Dre from DONNYBROOK and Davie from FORCE OF CHANGE. Includes 5 brand new tracks+ their "Dead Dreams" EP (Ghost Town Records), previously unreleased in Europe

Great artwork by Sekel Ito, Bloodclaat Crew.

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