"The Usual Suspects" mcd Description

Brewed in the heart of the Beatdown Bronx, BILLY CLUB SANDWICH's sound is a metallic batch of crunching riffs, intense drumming and a vocal growl that bleeds New York City Hardcore. Powerfully combining off-kilter melodic grooves with bi-lingual lyrics, the foursome (Martin Gonzalez - Vocals, Tony Malone - Guitar, Gary Muttley - Bass, Glen Lorieo - Drums) have been creating some of the most uniquely aggressive music in the New York Hardcore scene for more than ten years.

Building on the strength of their live shows and first two strong Eps (1997's "Hold The Bologna" and 2001's "Superheroes At Leisure") Billy Club Sandwich cemented themselves as a leadeer amongst the NYHC scene. A wrecking crew both live and in the studio, 2004 saw them release their first full-length album on Inner Strength Records titled "Chin Music".

Having played over the last few years with a virtual hall of fame among various hardcore scenes in the US, Puerto Rico and in Europe, BCS felt it was time to return to the studio, what transpired is the hard-hitting release "The Usual Suspects". Throwing in flourishes of genres as far flung as Merengue and Thrash, Billy Club Sandwich's release on Dead City (NY) and Rucktion is hard-hitting guitars, deep pocket grooves and Spanish/English lyrics dealing with everything from corruption to wild party nights. Tracks such as "Bottom Of The Barrel" show the studio polish of a veteran band, while new flourishes in tracks like "Shark Tank" eye the future for these hard-working  hard-living Hardcore heroes.
Features 3 bonus videos!

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