"Face Reality" mcd Description

Rucktion Records is proud to present NO SECOND CHANCE's debut for the label and follow-up to the band's 2011 full-length "Never Ending Fear" and their split with Beater. "Face Reality" contains 7 new tracks of savage and to-the-point metallic hardcore from this busy unit, who have already made it around mainland Europe a few times as well as to the USA.

"Face Reality" wastes no time in pummeling the listener into submission, with the one-two combo of its brief intro followed instantly by "Can't Bring Me Down", which perfectly demostrates NO SECOND CHANCE's brand of dark, no-frills hardcore - trimmed of any subtleties and honed to a vicious point as the band pack in rabid speed, chugging 2-step parts and immense breakdowns into breakneck compositions that sometimes don't exceed the three minute mark.

The resentment, hatred and determination felt by the band shines through in every bludgeoning riff, every growled line of vitriol spat by vocalist Stu as the band delves into themes of anger, frustration, and longing for something more than the hand life has dealt, with the ultimate aim to rid themselves of liars, betrayers and fakes. Matching the inlay artwork, the theme is nihilistic and bleak, yet rooted in reality and never shying away from it.

The ante is upped even further on "Sick And Tired", which features CalifornianHC legend Carl Schwartz of FIRST BLOOD, his furious section of the song complimenting the intensity of the music.

"Face Reality" is yet another accomplished release from NO SECOND CHANCE, which will undoubtedly herald a new era for the band as they continue their assault across Europe and beyond.

Ultra heavy and dark hardcore, for fans of early Hatebreed, Providence, First Blood etc.

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