"Strictly 3.5" cd Description

Having been a cult act in their local scene for years, their eagerly anticipated shows filled with chaos and carnage, London’s PROWLER have at last followed up on their live reputation and the promise shown by their early split demo with TRC and comp appearances. ‘Strictly 3.5’ is 13 tracks of pure London hardcore, taken to its most savage and pounding extremes.
Featuring tunes from early in the band’s career right up to the present day, how PROWLER have progressed and expanded from their early roots in beatdown hardcore into something far darker, more complex and monstrous is plain to see. There is nevertheless a strong thread of continuity, and the band’s talent for writing memorable material is obvious. Compare the more stripped down basic approach of ‘Time For Action’ or ‘S.B.E.’ to the epic, overly metallic drawn out opener ‘Hope She Dies’, followed by the pounding speed and groove of ‘Bitch Tune’. Well crafted, pulverizing and immense riffs just keep coming, whether fast and traditional or the 1mph full on brutality that has long brought danger to dancefloors across London and beyond. An extra level of intensity is added by singer Nathan’s hoarse rapid-fire flows, delivering tales and opinions on numerous aspects of life, from personal relationships to keeping it together and succeeding in the troubled times we live in. London’s best-kept secret for far too long, the sounds of ‘Strictly 3.5’ are a rough and ready slab of harsh metallic beatdown hardcore, that is sure to expose PROWLER to a whole new audience totally unprepared for the fury that they unleash!

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