"Rise Of The Guttersnipe" cd Description

Staunchly original and heavy hardcore from South London, off-key rhythms and devastating dual vocals crossed with insane metallic leads.

South London’s Kartel bring something truly unique to the table with their long awaited full-length ‘Rise of the Guttersnipe’. Based in heavy hardcore, the ideas the band have brought in from outside the traditional bring a fresh new outlook to what can be a tired genre if not done right. Whilst drawing inspiration from hip-hop and thrash metal is nothing out of the ordinary in this day and age, the way the band applies these influences truly sets them apart.

With their distinctive tempos, deceptive breaks and constant groove, Kartel have next to no reliance on what you would expect, yet can still hit you with the basic smack round the head that the title track delivers. Rammed with ferocious dance-parts and caustic (yet occasionally melodic) vocals, the music on ‘Rise of the Guttersnipe’ sounds just as inspirational as its title.
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