"Sleep Bitch" cd Description

Stout, Baltimore USA’s hardest, return with their second full-length release, once again flipping the whole concept of heavy hardcore completely on its head.

‘Sleep Bitch’ is a truly unstoppable mix of raging, fast old-style hardcore, so well-written and immediately classic that it will instantly lodge itself in your mind.

The other end of Stout’s unique sound is their unbelievably heavy and doom-laden slower edge - witness how the band effortlessly crosses from the upbeat ‘Emissaries’ to the crushing metallic onslaught of ’She’.

The crazed lyrical vision of TAD somehow surpasses even the psychotic mood of their debut. Truly one of the most adventurous and unique voices in modern hardcore, his offbeat and war-like delivery is completely fresh and undeniably menacing.

Overall, ‘Sleep Bitch’ is the definition of raw, savage and menacing heavy hardcore, tailor-made to leave a trail of dance floor devastation in its wake.
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