Rising from the ashes of Croydon metalcore unit Downtrodden, Hellbent Diehard contains members of Ninebar, Diction and Last Hours of Torment. They can only really be described as one of the most original bands to emerge from the London scene in recent times. The group have proved themselves impossible to categorize, playing an inspired hybrid of hardcore, punk, rock, metal, and post-hardcore. This melting pot of technicality and brutality is definitely kept on the hardcore side of things by Chris’s clear, unmistakably London-accented vocals and the ferocious yet focused speed and power of the music. 

With its high level of musicianship, each instrument in Hellbent Diehard’s arsenal comes into its own, as straight-up speed and danceable brutality mix with intricate, technical interludes to devastating effect. There is something here for fans of numerous genres to appreciate, but look no further than this band for a truly unique and fresh approach to heavy music.
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