With a solid line-up for over 10 years now, Diction have developed into a fearsome live presence, having played with the likes of Shattered Realm, Everybody Gets Hurt and Krutch.

Mixing traditional old-school NYHC, mosh and metalcore elements, a little bit of London flavour, and a unique blend of 6 and 7-string guitars, Diction have cultivated a distinct, abrasive and memorable sound.

Their debut release 'Escalating Unholy War' (a 4-way split with Freebase, Set Against and Eviscerate AD) on Unity Worldwide Recordings, documents the early development of this sound, which was fully realised when the band unleashed their material on the Ninebar/Diction/Kartel South London split CD and their debut full length 'From the depths'.

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